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SCHROEDER + BAUER has been operating in the field of stamping technology since 1964. The company was founded as a toolmaking and stamping production centre. In the nineteen eighties the company expanded its product range to include automatic winding machines under the NOXON brand name.
The company is active on an international level and is one of the market leaders in the field of stamping automation and toolmaking. Our customers are in the automotive industry, the connectors industry, telecommunications and the field of industrial electronics.
One of our strengths is process oriented engineering which takes into account all the components of a high performance production line. The construction of stamping tools and the subsequent production in series using winding technology from SCHROEDER + BAUER is made exclusively in-house.

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Toolmaking products

  • High performance progressive tools with modular design
  • Assembly tools
  • Single-stage tools
  • Welding tools (laser welding, resistance welding)
  • Cutting, bending and separating tools
  • Tool spare parts
  • Support for product development

On request we can also manage your series production.

Production of stamped parts

  • Precision stamped parts
  • Lead frames
  • Micro stamped parts
  • Crimp contacts
  • Taped components
  • Press-in contacts DIN EN 60352-5
  • Flat contacts
  • Assembly parts
  • Stamping packages
  • Assemblies

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