SW 653 BE


No. of reels30 (25 mm breit)
Reel diameter max.640 mm
Strip width max.75 mm
Coil weight max.20 kg
Speed max.25 m/ min.

Product Description

  • Fully automatic reel winder, incl. automatic crosswise sticking
  • Innovative sticking unit for fully automated sticking on the core and at the end of full reels
  • Touch Panel for easy operation
  • Power-driven guide lowering
  • Hot glue, electromagnetic paper brake and power-driven paper reel
  • The placement of the paper on the reel core and paper sticking is made with a hot glue system

Non-stop production process:

  • Fully automatic interleaf paper change
  • Fully automatic reel change
  • Fully automatic paper sticking

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