SX 8-600-T


DrivePnaumo-Hydraulic (TOX cylinder)
Press force130 kN ; 80 kN ; 40 kN
Max. stroketotal stroke 100 mm, of which power stroke 0-12 mm
Stroke frequency max.40 strokes/min. in continuous operation
Installation space max. (L x W x H)720 x 500 x 285 mm

Product Description

  • Pneumo-Hydraulic-Press with precise pillar guiding
  • Linear absolute encoder for stroke monitoring
  • The SX press meets the prevailing safety requirements
  • The stroke speed is selected
  • Jog mode is made via two-hand control for single strokes during set-up
  • 8 inputs and 2 outputs for the connection of external devices


  • Inputs for: lubrication system, strip monitoring, tool monitoring, etc.
  • Grip-Feeder (ZV 120 │ 200)

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