SWS 818


No. of reels4 l 6 l 8 l 10
Reel diameter max.1000 mm
Strip width max.50 mm
Coil weight max.30 kg
Speed max.25 m/ min. with strip accumulator

Product Description

  • Automatic track winder for 4/8 reels
  • Single reels exchangeable in any position
  • Practical swivel mechanism to change material or paper reels
  • Contact-free speed control
  • Exact reel positioning with fixed traverse path
  • Operation und parameter input via touch screen display
  • Movable threading-in head adapts the position of the material guides automatically to winding diameter
  • Programmable parts counter, ejection of samples
  • Electromagnetic paper brake


  • Higher winding speed
  • Double track operation (SWS 824/828-X-D)
  • Larger reel dimensions for strip width of 58mm – 82mm (W)
  • Strip accumulator for non-stop production AKKU)
  • Variable quantity of reel arms

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